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Nov. 21st, 2004 @ 07:43 pm (nameless horror)
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Hello. I am Narumi Ayumu, and that is not in any way my picture at the side of the screen. I have, so far, been successful in my campaign to keep pictures of myself from promulgating very far over the Internet, and have no desire to destroy my own careful campaign.

I have no angst.

I am here so that I can attempt to deduce, from the evidence at hand, the nature of the entities who have caused us all to be here and are trying to make us talk about our problems. The melody of logic must eventually yield an inevitable single answer, and I, in my poor way, will work to make that answer resound.

Of course, my older brother could have done it easily and without effort, and it is a shame for all of you that he is not here in my place.

(Out-of-Character Note: Ayumu has brown hair which is short except for two side tendrils that come down in front of his ears. He wears an ordinary blue school uniform. He actually has crippling angst about his older brother, of course, so pay no attention to his protests.)