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Dec. 25th, 2004 @ 06:01 pm OOC: Rules of Combat
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Suicide Notes: the "Baka" song from Kill Bill (internal)
Rules of Combat

1. Mostly, we will follow the hack-and-slash method; i.e., if you get your character into something, you're responsible for getting him/her either out of it or killed. To avoid stepping on anyone's toes, please take turns aiming attacks at one another, and leave it up to the other person whether to be hit, dodge, stick out a tongue, etc.

For example:

Bad: ::Aya breaks Takatori's leg::

Good: ::Aya aims a kick at Takatori's leg::

2. If there is a significant difference in power between two combatants (e.g., Sephiroth vs. Souma Akito) such that a "real" combat would most likely end in the weaker one's death, your moderators would like to heartily suggest that those responsible for them decide the outcome beforehand (preferably outside the community, as that way it's still a surprise for the other players), whether it be an amicable solution, fatality, or a request for intervention from a moderator/another character.

2a. Please mention it to a moderator outside the community if someone's spell needs to fizzle miraculously before it reaches someone else's head. I suggest the wonder that is email.

3. Please do not interfere in combat between two characters not your own unless their handlers agree to it. Your character can determine whether or not to step in by asking the combatants. The combatants can also speak with the rest of the group while they are fighting.

[Did I forget anything, gaudior?]