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Apr. 1st, 2005 @ 08:33 pm Character Description: Seta Soujirou [OOC]
Music, this is my truth, freedom
Depth of Suffering: cheerfulcheerful
Seta Soujirou, from Rurouni Kenshin

Soujirou is eighteen years old, but looks younger (don't they all!). He is slight and delicate but moves with confidence. He has short black hair and is wearing hakama and kimono over a Western collared shirt. He is unarmed. His voice is soft and he frequently has a cheerful smile.

(Pictures found here.)

The only emotion Soujirou expresses (on the surface, at least) is a calm cheerfulness. Even when fighting (should this occur), he feels no bloodlust, no joy, no hatred and no regret.

(I am still trying to make up my mind on how to transliterate his name, so please bear with me.)

(If no one will talk to me, I'll talk to myself. Mwaha.)