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May. 16th, 2005 @ 04:12 pm Mikage, with new topic
Date:May 22nd, 2005 01:15 pm (UTC)


(Never Forget)
*To Hisoka, a little shocked at the question.* Of course not! I wouldn't do anything so cruel on purpose. It's just... the effect's the same whether or not I intend it to happen. I don't. Maybe he *indicating Akito* doesn't either; I don't know. And yet... other people do get hurt by my emotions.

*Deep breath.* I don't have any idea what I can do about it, but it's good to see it from outside. Good to know what it is that drives people away.

*To Soujirou* And you can tell your friend Shishio that Earth is nothing like Hell. And I promise you- no human can possibly take over there.
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