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Nov. 10th, 2004 @ 01:49 am Notes
Depth of Suffering: tiredtired
A couple of updates from your moderator:

1. According to suggestion, I've placed a character list on the information page. Names with strike-through are characters that have already been taken. I just realized that I should probably put the names of the people who took the characters next to the character names, though, so expect those to go up in the next few days.

2. I've revised the timeline for introductions and the first general topic of discussion; introductions are now to be done by November 29 and the first topic to be posted on the 30th. You'll note that you have three weeks to introduce yourselves instead of two as originally planned. I must admit this is entirely self-motivated, as I and one other RPer are currently in an opera whose run is scheduled for the next two weeks, but it seemed silly to wait any longer to start playing.

3. Even if you haven't introduced yourself (or selves) yet, feel free to make in-character replies to other people's posts. The OOC comments people have been making as suggestions have been good, too.

So what's next? A modified twelve-step program, perhaps? We'll see ::evil grin::