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Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 03:24 am Information on setting
Depth of Suffering: accomplishedaccomplished

This is the world into which you have entered. Whether you got here via stairs, elevator, or some mishap in transportation, you arrived in the dead end corridor at the top left of the map, finding no route by which to return. At the other end of the corridor you found an exit to a large room. Please note that none of you saw any of the others enter; no one can join the group while someone else is in the corridor, it seems, and the lines of sight do not permit you to watch from the doorway when someone is teleporting in, so, annoyingly, you can't tell what actually happens when someone arrives.

Upon walking through the doorway, you find a large, square room (I know it doesn't look square in the diagram, but it is). Its ceilings are only nine feet high, but the floor is immense, and you can't get a sense of where it might be in relation to the rest of a building--there are no features indicating whether it belongs in a penthouse or a basement, for instance. The only light is in the center of the room, on the ceiling, and so the corners are hidden in shadows. However, you can see that the walls are covered in beautiful, old wooden paneling, four large panels on each of the three open walls (the left, bottom, and right) inlaid with images of different varieties of roses standing out especially. The floor is black-and-white marble tile in a checkered pattern. The room, as a whole, is grand and elegant, but though it is pristinely clean, the wood is faded and cracked, the floor scuffed. Nothing here has been used in a while.

Until, of course, it was hastily converted into a group-therapy site. A few shelves have been nailed up across the wall that borders on the corridor (the one at the top of the room on the diagram) for hats, some wheeled racks for coats placed beneath, though there seem to be far too many coats for the number of people here. In the space not occupied by coat racks, there are stacks and stacks of folding chairs. In the center of the room, in the light cast by the one fixture, is a circle of folding chairs. Mikage's is the closest to the right wall.

They are uncomfortable.
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Date:November 30th, 2004 07:44 am (UTC)
(Never Forget)
This remind me of Kinderheim 511.
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