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Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 11:32 am Shirou Kamui - A most unwilling participant
Depth of Suffering: pissed offpissed off
*door opens up and a tall young man wearing a backward baseball cap looks in* Ah - excuse us.. *looks around then grins* This looks like the right place.

*opens door wider and drags in a much smaller, dark hair teenager in a typical black school uniform. An extremely bouncy young girl also in a school uniform follows them, holding a box of pocky in her hands* Sorry he's late, but it was a bit of a fight to get him here.

*the boy glares at the other guy* Damn it, Sorata, I *don't* need therapy.

*Sorata pats the boy on the head* Kamui, all you these days is sulk. *pushes Kamui into an empty chair* Everyone got together and decided: we've had enough. You need to deal. Get out of your room for once.

*Kamui stares up at Sorata incredulously* Every time I leave my room, I get molested by Fuuma! Just last week, he almost grabbed me when we were out having ice cream. *glances around suspiciously* Speaking of people who don't leave their room, I thought you said Subaru was going to be here.

*Sorata sighs* Well, he's suppose to. We'll track him down later. *pokes Kamui* Now, introduce yourself to these nice people.

*Kamui slouches in the chair and scowls* Fine, I'm Shirou Kamui. I decide to try to save the world because I really loved my best friend. As my luck has it, I even fucked that up and now Fuuma is insane and evil. He alternates between trying to stab me with a sword and dragging me off to his bed. Not that I really have much of a problem with the latter, but the whole chain and blood thing is a bit of a turn off. My mother's died in a fire meant for me, my aunt gave birth to a giant sword, and I have to deal with a bunch of insane, cheerful people who won't leave me alone. *attempts to kick Sorata, but he moves out of the way* All I want out of life is my best friend back. Saving the world would be a plus, but hey - I figured that'll be asking for too much.

*Sorata beams* See, that wasn't so hard. Have fun and we'll pick you up afterwards. *walks out the room*

*The girl hands Kamui the box of pocky and leans over and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek* Just in case you get hungry or you need some comfort food. *She grins* Pocky makes everything better. *skips after Sorata*

*Kamui groans and drops his head down, almost into his lap* I shoulda became an Angel. *mutters* I bet Fuuma doesn't have to go through this.

[OOC - Kamui is *not* the picture on the icon (when I get some free time, I'll make or find an icon) ... for those of you who don't have a clue what Kamui looks like and want to know... here's one I like. Also, just for fun... Chibi!Kamui :) Hee...]
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Date:December 2nd, 2004 06:39 pm (UTC)

Hisoka, with some sympathy.

(Never Forget)
It wouldn't have helped.
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